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How IP DECT Works

Written by Chris Potts | 21 Feb 2023
DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony and IP stands for Internet Protocol. DECT phones are commonly used in peoples’ homes to give users the freedom to make and receive calls on a ‘landline’ anywhere in the home....

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Topics: Lone Workers, Mobility Solutions, IP DECT

The common PSTN & ISDN 2025 shutdown challenges customers face

Written by Chris Potts | 24 Jan 2023
The PSTN and ISDN 2025 Shutdown will present a number of challenges for businesses over the next 24 months. We've been speaking to customers and coming up with some great solutions that they can implement now to help avoid any future issues when the networks are turned off in 2025....

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Topics: Telecoms

The 2025 Openreach PSTN and ISDN Shutdown

Written by Chris Potts | 14 Sep 2022
Back in 2017 BT Openreach announced their plans to switch off its old analogue (PSTN) and digital (ISDN) networks by the end of 2025. The services at the time were used by millions of homeowners and businesses throughout the UK, however,...

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What’s the difference between IP DECT and Digital Radio Technology?

Written by Chris Potts | 1 Jun 2022
IP DECT and Digital Radio are both communication technologies that assist mobile workforces. They have similar functionality, for instances handsets can both support voice and messaging features, built in panic buttons and tilt sensors to protect lone workers....

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Topics: Digital Radio, IP DECT

Which Lone Worker Devices Work Over WiFi?

Written by Chris Potts | 29 Apr 2022
Many companies are affected by poor mobile coverage. This can often be due to the location of the premises, if it is based in a rural setting for instance, or the design and materials used on the outer shell e.g. metal cladding, that mobile signals can reflect off....

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Topics: Lone Workers, Man-Down

How can IoT Temperature Sensors help Food Companies Comply with HACCP?

Written by Chris Potts | 11 Mar 2022
Storing food at the correct temperature is crucial for food companies. Food poisoning bacteria generally becomes inactive in the cold, and most are killed by heat. Controlling the temperature of food is a very effective way of controlling the growth of bacteria, and so reducing the risk of food ...

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Topics: Condition Monitoring, IoT, Wireless Sensors

Respond to Lone Worker Alarms easily with Aspect Link latest additions

Written by Chris Potts | 2 Mar 2022
We've added more devices to our Atlas range and more apps to the Aspect Link Platform to help teams respond more easily and provide better protection for staff working alone. Below we outline some of the latest additions in more detail....

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Topics: Lone Workers, Critical Alarm Management

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