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How to Connect your Hytera PoC and Narrowband Radio Networks

Written by Chris Potts | 8 May 2024

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Hytera's New HyTalk PMR Gateway is a cost-effective narrowband and broadband interconnection solution that includes a BN100 voice gateway box. It works with an MNC360 PoC mobile radio and an HM785 digital mobile radio, which need to be purchased separately. It can seamlessly connect narrowband radios and broadband radios and is designed to interwork with public networks while enabling narrowband radios to communicate with each other anywhere. Simple but intuitive, this solution is easy to deploy and use, providing reliable, enhanced, cost-effective connectivity for industries such as commercial businesses, public safety, transportation, utilities and more.


Enhanced Collab 480px_02 v3

Enhanced Collaboration

BN100 has enhanced collaboration between narrow band radios and broadband radios. This enables different user groups to communicate with each other in a unified way and enhance work efficiency. 



Lorry_BN100 v2Ease of Use
BN100 is a simple but highly intelligent solution that is also easy to deploy. With the two mobile radios, it is very compact and weighs less than 8kg. It is also very easy to transport from one site to another.
A large handle on the top of the gateway ensures easy movement. 



Extended Reach 480px_01v2

Extended Reach
Utilising our public network, BN100 can effectively interconnect with PMR networks in different regions without investing in expensive ground infrastructure. So any old narrowband radios can be reused for voice communications. 



BN100 for email 02 v2Low Latency Gateway
This solution supports end-to-end communication between the PMR mobile radio and the PoC mobile. This helps to accelerate transmission and reduce audio latency, providing users with smart and fast connectivity.


If you would like a demonstration, pricing or more information about the BN100, please get in touch with us.  You can find all our contact details by clicking on the contact us tab at the top right of this page.


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