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Controlling Legionella with IoT sensors and Automated Monitoring

Written by Chris Potts | 11 Aug 2023
Controlling and reducing the risk of legionella growth is crucial for many organisations especially in Healthcare and Care Homes. To keep people safe and comply with regulations businesses must implement important and necessary measures, though for many they have become incredibly onerous....

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Topics: Wireless Automated Monitoring

How Digital Mobile Radio Helps First Aiders on Large Industrial Sites

Written by Chris Potts | 5 Jun 2023
In large manufacturing sites, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is a top priority. Accidents and medical emergencies can occur, necessitating swift and effective response from trained first aiders....

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Topics: Digital Radio

5 Ways an IP DECT System can improve your business

Written by Chris Potts | 1 Mar 2023
DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephones and commonly found in peoples’ homes as well as in businesses. An IP DECT system, as opposed to domestic DECT, can be used by multiple people (hundreds if necessary) operating across a whole premises or site....

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Topics: Lone Workers, IP DECT

How to Monitor External Temperatures Automatically

Written by Chris Potts | 23 Feb 2023
Outdoor office areas can get very slippery and dangerous in icy, wintery conditions. Places like car parks and pathways leading to the office can become hazardous if they’re not gritted when temperatures drop below freezing....

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Topics: Wireless Sensors, Wireless Automated Monitoring

How IP DECT Works

Written by Chris Potts | 21 Feb 2023
DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony and IP stands for Internet Protocol. DECT phones are commonly used in peoples’ homes to give users the freedom to make and receive calls on a ‘landline’ anywhere in the home....

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Topics: Lone Workers, Mobility Solutions, IP DECT

The common PSTN & ISDN 2025 shutdown challenges customers face

Written by Chris Potts | 24 Jan 2023
The PSTN and ISDN 2025 Shutdown will present a number of challenges for businesses over the next 24 months. We've been speaking to customers and coming up with some great solutions that they can implement now to help avoid any future issues when the networks are turned off in 2025....

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Topics: Telecoms

The 2025 Openreach PSTN and ISDN Shutdown

Written by Chris Potts | 14 Sep 2022
Back in 2017 BT Openreach announced their plans to switch off its old analogue (PSTN) and digital (ISDN) networks by the end of 2025. The services at the time were used by millions of homeowners and businesses throughout the UK, however,...

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