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What are Lone Worker Alarms?

Written by Chris Potts | 22 May 2024
A lone worker alarm is a way of notifying people within your organisation that an incident to a lone worker has occurred and support is required. In this blog we’re going to explore the different types of alarms that companies adopt and how they are used to protect lone workers....

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Topics: Lone Workers

How to Connect your Hytera PoC and Narrowband Radio Networks

Written by Chris Potts | 8 May 2024
Hytera's New HyTalk PMR Gateway is a cost-effective narrowband and broadband interconnection solution that includes a BN100 voice gateway box. It works with an MNC360 PoC mobile radio and an HM785 digital mobile radio, which need to be purchased separately. It can seamlessly connect narrowband ...

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Topics: Digital Radio, POC

Prevent Major Damage with a Leak Detection System

Written by Chris Potts | 24 Apr 2024
Have you recently experienced water damage at your place of work? Water leaks can be caused by all manner of things including, a leaking roof, faulty faucet, blocked drain, worn seals, faulty appliances etc. Small leaks can often occur in places hidden and can go unnoticed causing extensive damage ...

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Topics: IoT, Wireless Sensors, Wireless Automated Monitoring

A Guide: Man-Down Lone Worker Devices for Safety and Protection

Written by Chris Potts | 10 Apr 2024
Lone working is a prevalent practice across many market sectors and though it is legal it does come with some additional risks to those that do it, simply because they don't have colleagues near them that can immediately support them when things go wrong. That's why it is crucial for businesses to ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Man-Down

How to Measure Fridge Temperature and Set Fridge Alarms

Written by Chris Potts | 28 Mar 2024
Measuring the temperature of your fridge and freezer and setting up alerts for temperature breaches is crucial to ensure goods are stored correctly. This is especially important for perishable items like food and medicine, as they stay fresher for longer when stored at the right temperatures....

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Topics: Condition Monitoring, IoT, Wireless Automated Monitoring

Introducing the d83 and Intrinsically Safe d83 EX from Ascom

Written by Chris Potts | 16 Feb 2024
The new Ascom d83 and d83 EX DECT mobile devices are quite possibly the toughest, most versatile enterprise-grade DECT handset ever made: delivering the voice quality, reliability, messaging and alarm functions demanded in today’s workplaces....

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Topics: Lone Workers, ATEX, IP DECT

How does a Temperature Alert System Work?

Written by Chris Potts | 1 Feb 2024
Temperature Alert Systems are essential tool for monitoring the temperature of various equipment, appliances and environments. These systems promptly send alerts when specific temperature thresholds have been exceeded, preventing companies from being caught off guard. Whether it's sudden weather ...

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Topics: Wireless Automated Monitoring

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