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How can IoT Temperature Sensors help Food Companies Comply with HACCP?

Written by Chris Potts | 11 Mar 2022
Storing food at the correct temperature is crucial for food companies. Food poisoning bacteria generally becomes inactive in the cold, and most are killed by heat. Controlling the temperature of food is a very effective way of controlling the growth of bacteria, and so reducing the risk of food ...

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Topics: Condition Monitoring, IoT, Wireless Sensors

What’s the Difference between CO2 Monitors and IOT CO2 Sensors?

Written by Chris Potts | 12 Jan 2022
You may already know that monitoring CO2 levels in your premises can help you to improve air quality and therefore reduce the risk of viruses like COVID transmitting easily. Measuring CO2 will help you to identify just how much of an issue you have and what lengths you need to go to improve ...

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Topics: Condition Monitoring, IoT

How Do You Improve Ventilation With CO2 Technology?

Written by Chris Potts | 21 Dec 2021
If you work in facility management or health and safety and it is one of your many tasks to ensure that the premises is safe and comfortable for staff and visitors, you might be interested to learn how IOT technology can help you improve air quality and therefore reduce the risk of Covid ...

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Topics: Condition Monitoring, IoT

Transforming efficiency and quality through asset monitoring

Written by ANT Telecom | 8 Jul 2020
High standards within the hospitality and retail industries are crucial to success and profitability, from ensuring the best food quality and sustainability practices to streamlining operating costs – but how can this be achieved every time, without fail?...

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