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Keeping Medical Staff Out Of Harm’s Way

Written by ANT Telecom | 25 Mar 2020
For most members of the public, it is easy to imagine hospitals and other healthcare facilities as safe havens from sudden injury or violence, but for the workers who have chosen to dedicate themselves to careers in medicine, experience (and the numbers) tells a different story. NHS workers ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Hospitals

Guide to Improving Hospital Communication Systems

Written by ANT Telecom | 18 Sep 2019
For many hospitals and commissioning groups, interaction between medical staff and other departments can be complicated by difficulties of several types. These types of communication in healthcare are technical, human and organisational in nature. On the technical side, many hospitals are typically ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Health and Safety, Hospitals, Safety Management, Critical Alarm Management

Alarm systems in hospitals: how effective are they?

Written by ANT Telecom | 6 Mar 2019
Hospitals across the UK are facing more threats than ever - both physical and technological. Finding solutions to improve complex security systems without going over the budget is an ongoing challenge for all concerned. However, it is possible to improve the way alarms are managed by incorporating ...

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Topics: Hospitals, Critical Alarm Management

Keeping Medical Staff Out of Harm’s Way

Written by ANT Telecom | 19 Jul 2018
Given the wide range of departments, roles, and services that the medical profession covers, it’s no surprise that lone workers play a vital role in delivering many of the services on offer. Ambulance personnel, community health providers, social workers, carers, technicians, out of hours care and ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Health and Safety, Hospitals, Critical Alarm Management

Implementing safety and communication solutions in hospitals

Written by ANT Telecom | 21 Mar 2018
Communication is a key part to the successful operation of medical establishments. With many hospitals occupying vast areas of ground, and staff often working in separate buildings or wards, access to communication devices is essential. Hospitals are common places to find lone workers, but the ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Health and Safety, Hospitals


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