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Automated Wireless Condition Monitoring

Our wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring solutions monitor a wide range of critical control points including temperature, pressure, contact, humidity, power, energy, movement and CO2

Real-time data for a real-time response

Our Wireless IoT Solution provides real-time monitoring of your environments, appliances and equipment. 


We have a comprehensive range of wireless sensors suitable for different sectors like food & drink, hospitality, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, and utilities, as well as many other commercial and industrial environments.

Many companies already have process in place to monitor conditions. Often this work is done manually which puts a strain on resources. Any data collected for reporting and audits are not always done accurately which can cause quality and safety issues.

Investment into our modern state-of-the-art IOT monitoring solution will improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs. Furthermore, better data will lead to better decision-making and improved safety.

What we can help you monitor:

The solution

IOT sensor


Sensors use wireless LoRaWan technology and don’t require the company network, 3G/4G or WiFi. These wireless sensors are long range and low powered, which means they can transmit data up to 12KM away, making it possible to monitor environments, equipment and appliances that were not deemed viable before and cover large sites with only a small number of gateways. With no cables to worry about, a sensor only takes seconds to install and need very little maintenance with batteries lasting up to 3-5 years.


Control and monitor centrally

Data collected from the sensors is uploaded to a dashboard that registered users can access and review at any time from any PC, Laptop or Smartphone. Thresholds can be set to notify specific personnel when levels have been breached and floor plans can be loaded so users can visually see where the sensors are located. It’s also possible to document causes for threshold breaches to discover trends, and reports can be generated automatically to share with colleagues or fulfil compliance obligations.  The data can provide valuable insight helping you to implement measures that improve product quality or respond to equipment issues that reduce waste and save money.

Key highlights

Improve efficiency

Early warning of equipment failure helps to reduce downtime and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Reduce costs

Save money by using actional data to help predict and plan equipment maintenance repairs more effectively.

Ensure compliance

Reports can be generated easily and automatically to help fulfil audit and compliance responsibilities.


Food Services / Pharma / Life Sciences

Food Services / Pharma / Life Sciences

Ensuring food or drugs quality and safety

Monitor the temperature of your fridge, freezer or cryogenic units automatically to ensure quality, safety and compliance. Our wireless sensors are easy to install and negate the need for manual monitoring, which is generally time consuming and difficult to manage.

Manufacturing / Production Industry

Manufacturing / Production Industry

Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Keep machines and equipment operating in order for production lines to run smoothly. Use the latest sensor technology to help you know the moment when equipment fails or may require servicing, with sensors that monitor; power, energy, vibration and temperature.

Hospitals / Hotels / Care Homes

Hospitals / Hotels / Care Homes

Water Safety (Legionella Compliance)

Save resource by significantly reducing the burden on staff to document, record and flush thousands of outlets weekly to control legionella growth and comply with safety standards. Use wireless sensors to automatically monitor and record which taps and showers are used through normal daily activity.

For further information and use case examples for our automated wireless condition monitoring solution, download our brochure

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