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Automated Wireless Condition Monitoring

Our wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring solutions monitor a wide range of critical control points including temperature, pressure, contact, humidity, power, energy, movement and CO2

Real-time data for a real-time response

A customisable dashboard that puts what's important to you at your fingertips all within a secure environment

ANT Telecom provides customers with the real-time data needed to respond and plan, and the operational analytics required for compliance, quality, and safety. The platform provides a dashboard, reports, graphs, heat maps, floor plans, customisable views, alarm event management, and activity tracking.

Easy to set-up

Remotely monitor your assets within a few minutes

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface


Our MaaS platform has 99.9% reliability with enterprise security and recovery built-in

Universal monitoring

All sensor types connect to our platform

Reactive & proactive maintenance

Machine learning algorithms measure, observe, analyse, and alert on operations.

The data are used to detect anomalies for preventative maintenance

Automatic Alerting

Automated email, SMS or phone alerts trigger in line with customisable thresholds and escalation procedures


All data from our sensors is real time, clear, secure, and accessible via any web browser from any device.

Real time Alerts and reminders

You decide whether to receive notifications by text, phone call, or email, with alerts triggered only when there is a problem and values fall outside of a pre-defined range.

Alarm Escalation

Configurable acknowledgement and sharing of alarms for multiple recipients.

Quality, Integrity, Reputation

Rely on ANT Telecom for 24/7/365 remote monitoring and real time alerts and reminders.

Reports and charts

Generate on-line reports and charts for up-to-the minute intelligence on how assets are behaving to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Optimising set points and highlighting maintenance issues will reduce operating costs and energy bills. For example, a sub-operational fridge or freezer might consume up to 100% more electricity than a well-maintained unit.

Auto-generated, error-free, legally compliant reports save time and money and document issues using intuitive menus.


ANT Telecom provides a range of sensors of different shapes and sizes for monitoring a wide range of appliances, equipment and environments.


Temperature -200°C to +300°C




High concentration CO2


Door open / close




Leak detection


Power supply


Energy consumption



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