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Introducing the d83 and Intrinsically Safe d83 EX from Ascom

Written by Chris Potts | 16 Feb 2024

D83 and d83 Atex handsets

The new Ascom d83 and d83 EX DECT mobile devices are quite possibly the toughest, most versatile enterprise-grade DECT handset ever made: delivering the voice quality, reliability, messaging and alarm functions demanded in today’s workplaces.

Tested to the limits
The d83 is ingress protected to IP65 standard. However, an enterprise-grade DECT handset has to be tougher than the toughest work environments. Which is why the d83 has been tested way beyond the standard free fall, temperature, chemical-resistance and endurance tests. And of course, it features advanced speech encryption and authentication.

Protection with productivity
The availability of five d83 versions (Talker, Messenger, Protector, Ex Messenger and Ex Protector), means you can select the combination of features that are just right for your needs. All versions deliver wideband audio and noise cancelling for exceptional voice quality. As well as an
‘express’ channel for mission-critical data.

ATEX Certification
The d83 EX has been certified intrinsically safe and approved to work in Zone 1 gas environments in accordance with its certification. This means that the device has undergone rigorous testing by globally recognized certification organisations to ensure that it meets the highest safety standards for use in hazardous environments where flammable gases may be present. 

No compromise on comfort
The d83 is built to be comfortable to use throughout the longest shifts, featuring: a conveniently located alarm button, large colour display, wired or wireless headsets, multiple language and phonebook options, a carrying clip and a long-life, replaceable battery.

Emergency d83 alarm

Protect lone and vulnerable workers

By combining the unparalleled protection offered by the push-button, man-down, no-movement, and pull-cord alarms with the high precision location tracking capabilities of DECT, the d83 ensures that workers are not only connected but also safeguarded in even the most challenging work environments. This comprehensive safety solution provides a strong sense of security, enabling workers to focus on their tasks with confidence while knowing that help is just a button press away.

Exceptional sound quality

Strong and clear audio is paramount in today's workplaces, especially those with high ambient noise levels. The d83 DECT mobile device excels in this area, thanks to its wide-band audio and advanced noise and echo cancellation technology. This ensures that every conversation is crystal clear, allowing workers to communicate effectively and efficiently, even in noisy environments.

24/7 operation

Thanks to its long lasting and easily replaceable batteries, the d83 DECT offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for round-the-clock use. This eliminates the need to buy separate handsets for workers operating during different shifts, resulting in reduced handset costs.

If you would like a demonstration, pricing or more information on the d83 DECT phone, please get in touch with us.  You can find all our contact details by clicking on the contact us tab at the top right of this page.

Topics: Lone Workers, ATEX, IP DECT

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