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The Lone Worker Call Cost Calculator

Still monitoring manually? Switching to an automated solution can prove more cost effective, reliable and scalable

To help reveal what these costs are, we've created a simple cost calculator tool. Just drag the sliders to match your business to get an idea of the annual cost in time & money for protecting staff manually.


Call Cost Calculator

Lone workers
Enter the number of lone workers you currently or plan to monitor

  25  People

Check-ins (lone worker/day)
Enter the number of times you contact or visit each lone worker / day

  8  check-in(s)

Average call length
Enter the time it takes to call or visit each lone worker to verify they’re ok

  1  Minute(s)

Working day
Enter the number of contracted hours the caller works each day. This should in most cases be 8

  8  Hour(s)

Caller salary
Enter the caller’s approx. annual salary

£ 20 ,000 per year

Annual Costs

In Work Time

105  hours

In Money


See how much an automated solution can help your business

Automated solutions are far more cost effective, reliable, scalable and provide round the clock protection.