Body Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Watch Temperature Detection in Action

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring Camera

Alternatively, a separate camera mounted on a wall or tripod can be provided. The camera is connected via a cable to a pre-programmed workstation. This option allows detection of multiple people at the same time and can also be supplied to site without the need of onsite installation.

Workstation Screen

The picture below shows the workstation screen with the optical image and thermal image superimposed bi-spectrally.

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Audible alerts can be configured to ensure any temperature threshold breaches are immediately highlighted.

Using integrated artificial intelligence, temperatures are only recorded in the facial area. In this way, incorrect measurements of other objects triggering a false alarm, such as a hot drink in the hand, can be avoided.

The solution can be expanded to allow displaying the camera view remotely. This is ideal for sites where an entrance can’t be manned permanently, but access needs to be controlled.

The system doesn’t require any connectivity to the corporate network and even the remote option can be connected via 4G.

We can provide tailored solution for individual needs, however for most companies time is of the essence and speed and ease of deployment is critical. Providing this immediate automated screening allows sites to open and operate safely.


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