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Hytera GC550 Mini Body Worn Camera

Written by ANT Telecom | 4 Mar 2024

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Hytera's New GC550 2K HD wide-angled conventional mini body camera captures high quality videos, audio, images and stores them securely. It is also the smallest and lightest Hytera Bodycam at just 115g. This Bodycam is so easy to wear by simply attaching the 360 swivel clip to the operator. It is truly a small but powerful device with many 'must-have' features and functions which enable users to achieve maximum results on duty. 

Mini Size, Light weight, Maximum PowerSmall & Light 03 v1

Smaller than even a standard business card and weighing in at just 115 grams, the GC550 is so easy to hold or attach to the front pocket of the user thanks to the 360 swivel clip. This compact but mighty camera is light weight and easy for frontline staff to wear and use.

2K res 02 v1High Definition Quality wide-angled recording with 2K Resolution

Video resolution matters. The GC550 records every encounter that occurs around the user in ultra-clear 2K resolution. It provides a wider angle view of the scene capturing more details of the incident. Crisp and clear videos help to reveal crucial information especially when evidence is needed.

Power for extra-long shiftsPower Through long Shifts (02) v1

The GC550 Body Camera’s integrated smart low-power consumption technology as well as a large capacity Lithium Battery can easily outlast a typical shift even if long continuous recording of FHD video was applied. It also gives an extra 5 mins of back-up power after the battery power is fully consumed thanks to the built-in back-up battery allowing for battery replacement while recording.


Swipe to record v1Slide to Record, Quick and Easy

The intuitive sliding switch makes recording activation easier than ever. It changes the physical positions on the camera to help users effortlessly know whether the recording is on or off, which ensures critical incidents are not missed. With the auto-trigger recording function users can automatically start to record incidents and sudden collisions.

IP67 v1IP67 Durability

The GC550 has a drop resistance of 1.5m making it robust enough to withstand harsh environments. This gives the user confidence to maintain recording at the scene.

Data AirbagData Airbag v1

The data security functionality protects the device in case of any sudden drops or impact. This data airbag ensures recorded videos are automatically saved in time.

If you would like a demonstration, pricing or more information about the GC550 BWC, please get in touch with us.  You can find all our contact details by clicking on the contact us tab at the top right of this page.

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