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Safety within the waste and recycling sector

Written by ANT Telecom | 10 Feb 2020
From weekly household collections to recycling plants, the waste and recycling sector plays an important role in UK society. But given the physical labour, transport vehicles and heavy machinery involved, it is an industry that presents significant risks to workers involved....

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Topics: Lone Workers, Critical Alarm Management, Man-Down

Improve Communications in Your Water Treatment Site

Written by ANT Telecom | 28 Jan 2020
  Most large facilities such as water treatment sites need a decent communications system in order to keep in touch with their workers at all times. This is because problems need to be reported quickly in order to prevent serious incidents from occurring and oftentimes, detailed information will ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, ATEX, Critical Alarm Management

Dealing With Abusive Parents In School

Written by ANT Telecom | 27 Nov 2019
There are a large variety of health and safety issues that teachers have to keep in mind whilst going about their day, both to protect themselves and their students. When asked to make a list of potential hazards, most people would understandably list things such as scientific equipment and ...

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Topics: Schools, Health and Safety, Critical Alarm Management

Critical Alarm Solutions for Schools

Written by ANT Telecom | 13 Nov 2019
For some time, the risk of being attacked by a student has been regarded as an occupational hazard for many educators, especially those dealing with developmentally disabled children. However, in recent years there has been a growing trend of attacks on both teachers and support staff. So much so ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Education, Critical Alarm Management

Audit Trails Importance in an Alarm System

Written by ANT Telecom | 13 Nov 2019
Alarm systems are an essential component for the majority of businesses to ensure protection against risk and to remain compliant. From fire alarms to lone worker alerts, they are prevalent across all industries. But just having an alarm system in place isn’t enough, performance monitoring is also ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Health and Safety, Critical Alarm Management

Are Your Hotels Internal Communications Sufficient?

Written by ANT Telecom | 25 Sep 2019
Hotels are large businesses with many different stakeholders and departments all overseeing and working in different parts of the site. Additionally, they have many guests. This means that a hotel has an extraordinarily large burden of responsibility to ensure not just the safety of its staff, but ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Hotels, Safety Management, Telecoms, Critical Alarm Management

Guide to Improving Hospital Communication Systems

Written by ANT Telecom | 18 Sep 2019
For many hospitals and commissioning groups, interaction between medical staff and other departments can be complicated by difficulties of several types. These types of communication in healthcare are technical, human and organisational in nature. On the technical side, many hospitals are typically ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Health and Safety, Hospitals, Safety Management, Critical Alarm Management

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