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About ANT Telecom

Automated Communications Specialists

Value-Added Reseller, Installer, Integrator and Maintainer.

ANT Telecom helps organisations protect employees and enhance business operations by providing integrated communication solutions.

Company Profile

We provide technology to help teams communicate with ease and to protect staff working alone in hazardous and isolated areas; or to detect, manage and resolve safety critical alarms efficiently to avoid detrimental impact on service, people and the environment.

With over 30 years of experience, we've designed solutions to fit the unique needs of businesses across various industries in the UK. Our goal is to provide you with affordable peace of mind while increasing your productivity and profitability.

Our innovative wireless monitoring solutions using IOT/IIOT allow you to monitor processes, environmental conditions, and other key parameters to prevent issues before they arise. Our alerting and communication systems make it easy for teams to collaborate and to protect your lone workers and critical equipment with emergency alarms using a range of handsets and smartphones. Our alerts can be delivered to both mobile and static responders within seconds, providing a faster and more cost-effective solution than any other.

Our solutions can position and locate your people in an emergency, whether they are outdoors, indoors or in ATEX areas.

Technology Partners

Our key strengths are our well-chosen technology partners and our workforce who combine technical know-how with a strong focus to deliver an excellent service.

Our Accreditations

At ANT, we work hard to ensure we earned the right to display these accreditations, so that you know we're providing the very best solutions and advice when it comes to helping organisations better protect their employees. 


From Petrochemical to distilleries and Hospitals to education, our products and solutions cover many industries.

ANT’s ability to provide us with a bespoke solution has become a valuable part of our long-term plans to move all of our communications from analogue to digital

Our partnership with ANT was truly that; it was a fully collaborative process which engaged everyone within the organisation

Throughout the implementation process, we have received a high level of support from ANT Telecom

With ANT’s help, we have built awareness of lone worker safety across the company

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