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Communication solutions for highly mobile workforces

Does your business operate in an area where mobile coverage is poor or unreliable? We provide a range of alternative communication systems that enable your mobile teams to stay connected across your site

Connecting and protecting people working alone

Do you have staff working alone in your business? With over 30 years of Lone Worker experience, ANT have the perfect end solution to protect your workers when they are at their most vulnerable

Designing the right solutions for your company.

Does poor communication technology prevent your teams from delivering great customer service?  ANT Telecom uses  industry-leading products and latest tech to create the right solution designed around your business, from telephony systems to conferencing and collaboration applications

Enabling teams to communicate safely in ATEX zones

Do your employees working in explosive environments have the right communication tools? We offer ATEX-specific communication solutions that keep your workers contactable and safe at all times

Critical Alarm Management- Resolving emergencies fast

How quickly can your team respond to a lone worker accident or a critical machine failure? ANT’s Critical Alarm Management solutions enable your workers to react faster to potentially life or business threatening scenarios via our highly automated solutions

Products and Solutions

We’re an independent solutions partner providing expertise and advice to protect your employees and business

Our dedicated solution specialists have already selected the industry’s leading products and systems, so you don’t have to. We’ll also take the guess work out of finding the right solution for your company by recommending the best options to meet your requirements.

Browse through our products and solutions or call us to chat to one of our experts.

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Lone Working

Solutions to fit the safety needs of your workforce.

Whether you have a few employees lone working or hundreds, we have the technology and know-how to provide the right solution for you.

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mobile workforce


Connecting your mobile workforce.

Is your mobile workforce as effective or efficient as it could be? Are they easily contactable around the plant? Do teams wander into remote areas where there is little mobile coverage or into ATEX zones where telecom devices are restricted?

We can help you navigate these requirements to make sure your employees are safe.   

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alarm management center

Critical Alarm Management

Fast, automated  alert and response software.

Critical alarms from various sources including; critical machinery, fire alarm, lone workers and other business critical assets can be delivered and processed in a matter of seconds and alerts delivered directly to those who need to know. Find out more about our Alarm Management Solutions.

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Protection for mobile staff and lone workers in explosive or hazardous environments.

We have a strong portfolio of intrinsically safe  handsets which enable your teams to communicate safely in restricted ATEX zones.

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telecoms network


Business telephones, services and systems for a modern workforce.

ANT provides a range of telecommunications systems and cloud-based services, including lines, telephone systems, contact centres and voice recording equipment.

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Asset Tracking

Protect and track your assets.

Loss of assets and replacement can be expensive and theft, if undiscovered, may not be detected until the asset is required. Find out how your business can benefit from asset tracking.

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Sustainability & Community Work

Enabling leading organisations to improve communication