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Protecting Teachers, Pupils and Staff within schools


There are many scenarios that can occur within schools that can leave staff vulnerable and in need of help. The ANT Safety @ School solution provides assistance when it is required (whether it’s in or out of school grounds), staff can trigger an alarm which will immediately notify their colleagues making sure they receive help quickly. 


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Scenarios when assistance is necessary to ensure school safety

  • Teachers are subjected to physical or verbal abuse from pupils and parents
  • Incidents or accidents that happen on school trips
  • Pupils fighting each other or vandalising school property
  • Injuries to pupils whilst playing sport
  • Accidents such as slips, trips and falls that occur in remote areas of the school, in the evenings or early mornings
  • A school safety liaison officer visiting the home of a student who becomes violent
  • Unwanted intruders that enter the school premises


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Solutions we can provide

When an incident threatens school safety, it can be difficult to deal with the incident at hand and summon help at the same time. With our Safety at School (S@S) solution it is possible to do both and give staff peace of mind that help is on its way. 


How it works

School Safety

S@S is a full featured automated monitoring and alerting service for teachers, pupils and staff.  

Alarms triggered by teachers using an alarm device or app are delivered to S@S by SMS text message, GPRS/3G/4G data or over a LAN/WAN IP connection.

Alarms are automatically processed, and alerts delivered directly to other teachers and staff on their smartphones, PC or tablets so that they can respond quickly.


Benefits of S@S

  • Cloud based, which means no hardware needs to be installed
  • Compatible with a range of alarm devices and apps, so you can choose what’s right for you
  • Customisable, so we can tailor the solution to meet the needs of your staff
  • Cost effective, so you can protect your staff and your school within budget
  • Means for responders to 'listen in' to the situation, so your staff can respond accordingly
  • Full audit trail of each incident, to keep an accurate record of incidents

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