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Protecting your frontline workforce

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Your housing officers, support workers, surveyors and maintenance teams work in the local community where they are often expected to work alone. Staff can be at different sites visiting a range of residents, including those that are potentially vulnerable with mental health issues. Sometimes the circumstance of each visit isn’t always positive, and staff’s safety can be threatened by physical violence, verbal abuse or intimidation. Furthermore, when staff travel to different appointments they are also at risk of slips, trips and falls.


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How we can help

We can provide lone worker solutions that:  

  • Give peace of mind to your workers.
  • Help employers meet their duty of care and reduce risk.
  • Staff find easy to use and easy to trigger an alert.
  • Will automatically raise an alert based on man-down then distribute the alert either to an alarm receiving centre or internally to teams that can help and support.
  • Details their location based on GPS so they are easy to find in an emergency.
  • That enable support staff to eaves drop and work out the next course of action when an alert has been trigged.
  • Recording all calls and capturing verbal abuse or threatening behaviour.

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