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Are Your Hotels Internal Communications Sufficient?

Written by ANT Telecom | 25 Sep 2019
Hotels are large businesses with many different stakeholders and departments all overseeing and working in different parts of the site. Additionally, they have many guests. This means that a hotel has an extraordinarily large burden of responsibility to ensure not just the safety of its staff, but ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Hotels, Safety Management, Telecoms, Critical Alarm Management

Avoid Unnecessary Evacuations In Hotels

Written by ANT Telecom | 14 Aug 2019
An effective alarm system is a vital part of any business, from factories needing managers to be notified about machinery outages, to IT firms needing to tell when their systems go down or secure facilities needing to know if there is an intruder. But alarms are especially important in businesses ...

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Topics: Hotels

5 Ways to Improve the Night Shift Work Safety of Your Lone Workers

Written by ANT Telecom | 28 Nov 2017
According to employment advisory service ACAS, around 14 percent of the working population (3.6 million people) report that they work shifts 'most of the time', and there is no doubt that shift work is very popular, having many advantages for both employers and employees. It is common for ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Health and Safety, Hotels, Distilleries

Keep Your Lone Workers Safe in the Workplace 

Written by ANT Telecom | 16 Nov 2017
The world of full-time employment has changed in recent years. Hours are no longer nine to five; and offices are quite often not offices. Thanks to high-speed broadband, people can work from almost anywhere, at any time. This is ideal as some people like working late, when it is quiet, and others ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Hotels, Housing

Is Your Business Telephone System Up to Scratch?

Written by ANT Telecom | 16 Aug 2017
Understanding what sort of functionality a business phone system can offer your enterprise will help you to plan future investment according to your real needs....

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Topics: Business Telecom, Hotels


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