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Protecting and connecting your workforce


Your teams often work in demanding roles and conditions and have many different hazards to manage across your plant. Whatever you do,  you must ensure that your teams can collaborate easily, efficiently and safely whilst at work – even in ATEX areas. 

As an independent solutions provider we give expert advice and design solutions to improve site-wide communication that help teams operate more efficiently. We can provide effective and affordable solutions that protect employees working alone and ensure your teams can respond to on site emergencies or critical alarms. Here’s how…..

  • Consult, so we understand your requirements and can design a solution to address your environment, infrastructure and users’ needs.
  • Survey Site, so when we implement something you know there will be no dead spots around the plant.
  • Mobile, your teams can be anywhere on site, so we will ensure that they can collaborate throughout the plant with our range of mobile handsets and systems.
  • ATEX, so users can use handsets even in intrinsically safe areas.
  • Protect Lone workers, by ensuring those that work alone can raise an alert even if they are rendered unconscious.
  • Integrate and Automate Critical Alarms, so alarms are distributed to teams that need to know and can respond within seconds rather than hours.
  • Alarm Acknowledgement, so critical alarms (man-down or machine) are managed effectively and aren’t ever missed.
  • Alarm Audit Trails, so processes can be reviewed, measured and improved.


For further information get in touch with our team of experts or review our case studies to see how we have helped our customers in this sector.


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