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Responding to Critical Alarms and Emergencies Effectively

Written by ANT Telecom | 5 Feb 2019
Are you looking for a new solution because you had an incident recently that you were unable to respond quickly to? Or are you worried that your current system or processes aren’t quite up to scratch and would likely fail, or prove inefficient if properly tested....

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Topics: Critical Alarm Management

Improving response times to critical alarms in manufacturers

Written by ANT Telecom | 4 Feb 2019
    Each year, outdated alarm systems are believed to be partially responsible for the loss of millions of pounds. Alarm management is an important topic for any industrial site or facility that needs to be efficient, as effective factory management depends on a process that can respond to ...

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Topics: Critical Alarm Management

Tools That Allow Factory Workers to Work at Full Capacity

Written by ANT Telecom | 14 Dec 2018
Understanding the motivation of factory workers is the key to improving efficiency and enabling them to work to their full capacity. This is harder than it sounds, as factory managers typically do not work alongside factory workers, adding another layer of distance to the relationship.  ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Manufacturing Industry, Critical Alarm Management

Lone workers in distilleries: What you need to know

Written by ANT Telecom | 5 Dec 2018
Modern whisky production is an automated process, with many distilleries operating into the night. Workers are required to keep the distilleries going without a hitch and can be asked to oversee events anywhere throughout the plant. Employees often work alone, and whisky sites are often located in ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, Distilleries, Critical Alarm Management

The future of school safety technology

Written by ANT Telecom | 29 Nov 2018
An increasing number of children and adults are exposed to violence at every stage of school life. Schools are also potential targets of intruders. It is a problem that needs to be addressed if we want our children to learn in a safe environment and for school staff to feel supported to carry out ...

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How to Take Photos in ATEX Areas?

Written by ANT Telecom | 22 Nov 2018
What are ATEX areas? ATEX is an acronym that is derived from the French phrase 'ATmosphere EXplosives'. It is used to describe a site or workplace where explosive gases, dust or vapours are prevalent. ATEX areas are classified into zones ranging from 0 to 2, 0 is the most dangerous and 2 the least. ...

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Topics: Lone Workers, ATEX, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical, Safety Management

How to keep classrooms safe

Written by ANT Telecom | 20 Nov 2018
Although classroom safety should be one of the most paramount issues addressed by school business managers, the fact is that is sadly often a neglected one. Whether this is due to budget constraints or a lack of understanding regarding what classroom safety entails, it is a critical issue that ...

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