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Guide to Telecommunication Solutions for Offices (FREE GUIDE)

Written by ANT Telecom | 20 Jun 2017

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Are you looking to learn more on which telecommunication solution best suits your business? 

Managing both customer and internal enquires has become far more challenging in recent years, as workforces have become more mobile with more ways to get in touch and share information. This handy guide helps to explain what to look out for when investigating new telecom solutions for businesses in the South-East England.


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In this guide you’ll learn about

  • The differences between Cloud based & IP PBX Telephony solutions, so you can assess which is best for your business
  • How customers can easily reach staff even if they're working at home or 'on the road'
  • The best ways to reduce the impact to your business when staff are unable to travel to work due to adverse weather conditions or train strikes
  • SIP Trunks and why it’s important to ensure you telecom solution can deploy them when ISDN services cease

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