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How To Message All of Your Employees at The Same Time:

Written by ANT Telecom | 7 Jul 2015
Over the years, many businesses have struggled to manually communicate crucial messages to a group of employees. And this issue isn't confined simply to one type of organisation. From factory engineers and hospital staff to employees in the hospitality and logistics sectors, it can be a challenge to get the same message, and one that will often be time sensitive, to all employees who have a range of different handheld devices. However, what many may not realise is that an automated communication specialist can offer them a bespoke solution to solve such issues.

A messaging platform can support and enable communication in a variety of ways. With functionality for multiple inputs and outputs, it allows greater scope for communication. It can give a manager, for example, the ability to type one message which can be sent in a number of different formats; SMS, email, text to chosen recipients on their device regardless whether it is pager, DECT phone, standard mobile or smart phone. Users can quickly and easily send out wide scale messages where previously it was only really possible with a paging or tannoy systems.

The most notable outcome of being able to do this is that a messaging platform offers organisations an easier and more effective process that results in quicker and more efficient response times to actions. If a factory engineer needs to send out an emergency message for an issue with a piece of equipment, a message can instantly be sent to an assigned group of employees. In addition, once an employee has received this message, they can quickly confirm to the sender and all recipients that they will be managing that task. Messages and actions are also importantly stored in auditable logs.

However, the ability to input a message is not limited simply to a manager or an employee. If a machine has gone down, for example, then the system can be configured to automatically send an alert to a specific team. By doing this, a business can speed up its reaction process and limit avoidable downtime by no longer being reliant on manually identifying faults. Furthermore, the platform has the functionality to add or remove recipients in a group dependent on their diary movements.

Organisations need to consider the possible complications and the time (human latency) it takes to send individual messages out to multiple employees, via multiple devices, when compared to what can be achieved by implementing a messaging platform that can effectively solve these issues automatically. What's more, an efficient communication process ultimately enables a better, more efficient and effective business.

If you would like more information on how automated communication specialist's ANT can help your organisation get the most out of your communication processes, please contact our team on 01494 833123.

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