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How to Take Photos in ATEX Areas?

Written by ANT Telecom | 22 Nov 2018

photo of ATEX area at night

What are ATEX areas?

ATEX is an acronym that is derived from the French phrase 'ATmosphere EXplosives'. It is used to describe a site or workplace where explosive gases, dust or vapours are prevalent. ATEX areas are classified into zones ranging from 0 to 2, 0 is the most dangerous and 2 the least. The explosive atmosphere of ATEX areas means that many special precautions must be taken by any person entering the zone, especially with any electrical equipment, such as a mobile phone or camera, with an electrical charge that could generate sparks and easily cause an explosion. 

There are many reasons why it might be necessary to take photos or a video in an ATEX zone. Capturing an image of a fault or malfunction and sending it directly to the department responsible is essential to streamline processes, reducing the time needed to make the repair and potentially reducing the risk to all those involved. 

If you need to take photos in ATEX areas there are several options. You could purchase an ATEX camera or you could purchase an ATEX ECOM Smartphone for a similar amount of money and with all the features of a smartphone. 


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Features of the ATEX ECOM Smartphone: 

  • Rigorously tested to the highest industry standards
  • Able of withstanding extremely low and high temperatures from -20°C to +50°C
  • Waterproof and dustproof and has an IP rating so is suitable for outdoor use
  • Drop tested so durable and extremely high-quality
  • Designed to last for a long time without needing to be charged - at least 10 hours
  • Designed to be used with gloves and has a sunlight-readable display
  • Industry approved. 


Hardwearing mobile devices are currently used across a wide range of different industries: such as mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, defence to name but a few. All need sturdy and high-quality products that can operate in frequently challenging working conditions. 

Explosion Protection

ECOM's main area of expertise is explosion protection and has been a pioneer in this area for over thirty years. You might be interested to learn that Zone 1/21 / Division 1 approved and certified devices have undergone challenging and thorough tests. ECOM's explosion-proof devices are extremely safe and have been shown to be shockproof and resistant against high pressure, as well as being drop tested. These devices are really made for the hardest tasks in the most extreme environments of the world. Furthermore, ECOM's products include global certifications and approvals for worldwide use. 

Indoor and outdoor usage 

Hazardous areas can be found both indoor and outdoor. ECOM's devices are suitable for use in a deep mine or on the platform of an oil rig, as well as in oil refineries and industrial chemical plants. Featuring a scratch-resistant display and housing, these devices have a resistance to high altitude and extreme temperature changes. These devices are intrinsically capable of withstanding the most challenging tasks and keeping you safe at the same time. 

Safety first 

ECOM's range of mobile devices allows mobile workers to stay safe while working in explosive environments. Combined with ANT Telecom’sAutomated Incident Manager (AIM) will protect workers and help you to react quickly in the event of an accident. The solution also helps you to check on machines and apparatus to mitigate assets' down-times. Ensuring good levels of communication stay open in hazardous and explosive environments is critical and ANT Telecom’s AIM along with ECOM's smartphones with embedded cameras play a key role in the delivery of this aspect of safeguarding. Bluetooth functionality in some devices can also be used to enable or disable the camera in unauthorised areas. 

Lone Worker Protection 

ECOM's smartphones are renowned for their high performance, reliability and power. They are mobile devices made for industrial applications which are faced with daily challenges. This guaranteed high performance and reliability are ensured with a high battery capacity (the battery of ECOM's's mobile devices lasts for many hours), strong explosion-proof hardware, and certain extras which make the devices easy to use in all situations, such as sun-readable displays, and a screen that can be used even with gloves. Thanks to ECOM, phones and cameras can be used to assist accurate and reliable recordings even in extremely hazardous ATEX zones. 

Another key feature that makes ATEX smartphones a wise investment across a multitude of industries is the fact that the images taken can be quickly uploaded and forwarded via Wifi - getting assistance quickly has never been easier. Until recently, the types of cameras and phones permitted in ATEX zones were comparatively limited in function, cumbersome and difficult to use. It's clear that ECOM's current range of smartphones represents a sensible future-proof investment.

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