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How to Monitor External Temperatures Automatically

Written by Chris Potts | 23 Feb 2023

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Outdoor office areas can get very slippery and dangerous in icy, wintery conditions. Places like car parks and pathways leading to the office can become hazardous if they’re not gritted when temperatures drop below freezing.

Everybody knows the importance of gritting outside areas. Failing to do so can have serious consequences should an employee slip on the ice. Especially if this occurs early in the morning or late at night and the impact renders the person unconscious.

The challenge that companies face is knowing when to grit. Weather forecasts predict an approx temperature over a certain area or region and therefore aren’t hugely accurate. Relying on this information may result in over gritting, which is a bit of a waste of time and expense – or failing to grit earlier enough, e.g. before staff arrive for work or leave to go home, which could be the cause of a serious incident.

To get accurate temperature information to help improve decision making, readings must be taken outside the office. However, to do this manually isn’t really practical and also relies on weather forecasts to help inform staff when to do it – ultimately it just adds another layer into the process and doesn’t necessarily improve the result.

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Measuring Temperature Automatically  
Rather than using manual procedures an automated solution records outdoor temperatures and can send your team alerts as and when certain parameters are reached.

Our outdoor wireless temperature sensor is easy to install and takes readings throughout the day and night. Data is sent via a 4G gateway to our online portal that records the temperature 24/7. With access, users can view the actual temperatures on easy to use dashboards. Historical information is also displayed in charts.

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To help staff know when to grit, alerts are set up to warn them when certain temperatures have been reached, for example at 2° C. When 1°C is reached another alarm is triggered to inform staff to then act. The solution is very flexible, easy to install and doesn’t require access to your company’s network. Furthermore, other sensors to monitor other conditions like CO2, Humidity, Power, Energy, Leaks etc can be added at any time without necessarily adding further gateways.

If you would like more information or a demonstration of our Wireless Automated Monitoring Solution, please do get in touch with us.  You can find our contact details in the contact us tab at the top right of this page. 


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