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How Can Your Business Avoid New Health and Safety Fines?

Written by ANT Telecom | 2 Feb 2016


Top tip: "Make your staff aware of what to do when alarms are triggered"

Since the 1st of February the UK has seen the introduction of the new Sentencing Guidelines for health and safety offences, which will overhaul the current policies.

The most prominent change is that the range of financial penalties available to courts has been increased, especially in the case of magistrates’ courts. This means organisations are financially at risk if they are not putting suitable emergency responses in place.

It’s fundamental that the right equipment and procedures are integrated into a business so that its workforce knows how to respond quickly in an emergency situation. Business owners need to address the three steps below to ensure they are following the best practices; something modern communication systems encompass.

  1. Identify your vulnerable employees: A business should regularly review the number of people working on and off site. An area often overlooked in the UK workforce are the ‘accidental’ lone workers whose jobs make them susceptible to risk but whose employers are oblivious to the possible danger.
  2. Consider what would happen if a worker suffers an accident: The inherent dangers of certain working environments are greatly increased for an employee working alone. In the event of an emergency the most logical assistance will come from individuals in the vicinity. So those working in isolation need to know that the same quick and effective response would occur should they have an accident or become unconscious.
  3. Put the processes in place: Best practice in an emergency always relies on quick communication. Having a trusted telecoms partner with expert knowledge can help companies define processes and implement solutions in the event of a health and safety risk.

It’s now more important than ever to ask and answer the correct health and safety questions. This will not only avoid any financial risk for the business and its reputation but above all secure the safety of the workforce. To find out if your business is ready for February 2016 take our health check survey and contact our sales team for expert advice and support on 01494 833100 or email info@anttele.com

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