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How to Handle Employees Resistant To Safety Training (FREE GUIDE)

Written by ANT Telecom | 12 Jan 2017

Have you experienced employees that try to resist undergoing worker safety training? Learn how to avoid uncomfortable situations by dealing with it in the best way possible.

The importance of worker safety training may seem obvious to some, but it isn’t to all. Not only is training important to avoid serious accidents that could end in severe injuries or even death, but there are also other consequences you may not be aware of. Not ensuring that all workers have undergone a worker safety training session could result in fines, and even jail time!

On the positive side of the spectrum, when workers attend safety training it tends to boost morale as everyone feels safer and they have more trust in their colleagues. This overall morale boost tends to lead to an improvement of employee performance, as they’re happier to attend work and carry out their duties. This can then increase overall production hence improving overall revenue and giving your company a more competitive edge. In this free guide you will find case studies as prime examples of the good and the bad so you can learn from other company’s mistakes and triumphs.


Click here to download the free guide >>


In this guide you will find:

  • Where to start from
  • Case studies
  • Top tips on how to handle employees
  • Why your lone worker safety should be your top priority
  • And more...


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