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How Call Monitoring Aids in Improving and Protecting Your Business

Written by ANT Telecom | 27 Jun 2017


Today’s business world has put great emphasis on efficient service delivery and customer centric transactions. That said, the impression you make when communicating with a supplier or client is a major factor to the overall companies growth. In most organizations, the telephone is the first line of communication to the vendor or client, and therefore it’s important to optimize how such encounters are handled.

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The Importance of Monitoring

Although you might not be operating a full-blown phone system for your business, it’s important to have a way of evaluating and tracking the content, duration, and nature of calls of the various extensions within your organization. Call monitoring provides you with a way of capturing and recording usage patterns and events for your business to be informed of how, when and why calls are being received or placed. This not only has a tangible benefit to your enterprise but also forms a vital link in the overall chain of communication such as social media, instant messaging, email, and phone. There are also some companies who will choose to listen in to a new employee receiving or making calls to ensure that they are familiar with all the vital operational processes.

Phone systems for businesses may require monitoring to understand the different areas the employees need help, and this is hugely beneficial to the firm in the long run. Monitoring also plays a huge role in determining the number of calls missed. It isn’t a big deal if one call was missed, but if the call missed was for a lucrative client who wanted to place a big order, then there is cause for alarm. However, with the implementation of tracking software, it’s easier to introduce strategies that ensure important calls aren’t missed.

Cost Effectiveness

In an operational and financial point of view, call monitoring equates to  “call accounting” which is an information resource yielding data on call destination and durations for auditing and billing purposes. The call detail CDR data or call record shows which numbers were dialled, the length of each conversation, the origins of the incoming communication and the extensions used to make the calls. That said, by analysing and searching phone data you can easily allocate costs to individuals of origin or the respective departments.

With the benefits presented by web-based call monitoring businesses are in a position to establish whether their data or voice network are either used to over-capacity, optimum or peak. From the abandoned calls, waiting times and other statistics, it’s easier to allocate resources and plan for verifiable future-based data.

Quality Control

When it comes to employees, the strengths to call monitoring lies in the provision of searchable piles of interactions with real partners, suppliers, and customers. The video transcripts, texts, and audio of phone calls indicate the problems and questions that elicited the most inquiries and how such inquiries are being handled. You can also use call recordings in accessing the performance of workers on the phones, which call scripts or sales pitches are meeting with negative and positive responses and the duration it takes to resolve the different issues. Also, with the combination of speech analysis software and algorithm with the call recordings you can go deeper into such achieves and identify the personnel or telephone techniques that stand out.

Enhanced Performance

Identifying and rewarding those who do it best is a key factor in promoting a high standard of the telephone operation. This provides workers with access to video or calls transcripts which provide useful insights on the kind of conduct expected in their interaction with the public. It’s also possible to schedule training for those who might not have an idea on its operability plus with effective monitoring you can easily schedule training sessions that take into account the idle time spent by workers between assignments or calls.

Transparency and Accountability

In the case of conflict resolution or dispute, call monitoring records can provide proof of what was said in a given scenario. It also furnishes the legal element of non-deniability that can set a centre stage for negative feedback in social media or press or a lawsuit. Additionally, it confirms that your business advocates for accountability and transparency in its dealings with others. Call recording also provides valuable material for audits and compliance within a regulatory regime which may require enterprises to hold a particular number of hours of the transcripts given.

An Improved Security

Other than providing a look at the expenditure and usage patterns on international or long distance calls, call monitoring enables businesses to highlight any unusual patterns of network usage which can indicate an ongoing or imminent security threat or attack.

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