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ANT Telecom's UrSOSButton gets a makeover

Written by ANT Telecom | 20 Feb 2015
For use inside and outside of the business environment, the even smaller UrSOSButton can be used to activate a variety of different alarms and actions all aimed to protect and ensure the safety of employees.

Following ANT Telecom’s partnership and product offering with Isle Systems’ UrSOSButton, it has subsequently announced further developments to the UrSOSButton that makes the looks and overall design even more suited to its function.

With a smaller version, the size of a key fob, users are provided with an even more discrete option to help with their personal security and safety. When pressed, the button can activate a variety of different actions including recording, photography or alerting a colleague/family member of an incident. Use of the new smaller design will give individuals greater assurance not only of their own personal security but that of their families.

For many customers working in potentially vulnerable sectors, being able to easily activate a button to alert a colleague is invaluable peace of mind. Nurses and hospital workers are able to easy make colleagues aware with an amber or red alert if they are in a situation in which they feel uncomfortable. The UrSOSButton provides a reassuring alternative to the ID card device some healthcare professionals carry with them.

For organisations in the healthcare and government sectors, their employees are increasingly working in a variety of settings, including within the community, possibly at the risk of their own safety. The reassurance of a much extended battery life as well as being able to carry and operate the button discreetly is important for users. Furthermore, the UrSOSButton has the additional benefits of lower running costs as it works with Smartphones via Bluetooth, thus eliminating additional SIM card costs.

The UrSOSButton continues to be developed to enhance its suitability to all customers’ individual and diverse needs. It is already available in a USB memory stick form that has proven successful and will soon be available in certain discreet form factors that suit users best.

If you are interested in the personal or business versions of the UrSOSButton, both are available now and more information please contact us on 01494 833123.

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