Lone Worker Alarm Systems and Management

The Personnel Protection System (PPS) offers a different approach to lone worker solutions. The PPS comprises of a dedicated server/pc, communications hardware and software

Alarms from lone workers can be delivered to the PPS by SMS or SDS text message, voice call, WiFi, Two-way radio, contact switch or over an LAN/WAN IP connection.

The lone worker alarm is received and automatically processed by the PPS. This only takes a matter of seconds and alerts are then delivered directly to the people who need to know. This enables the PPS to process multiple alerts simultaneously and deliver these alerts based on a simple set of rules directly to response personnel's PC screens, mobile phones, WiFi pagers, TETRA Pagers/radios, etc...

Advanced mapping solutions are also available when using PlacePoint and CampusPoint plug-ins. These utilise internet street mapping services, off the shelf mapping software or customer specific CAD drawings, aerial photographs, digital maps or any other reference images which are to scale. These maps are accessible using PC's or any mobile phone with a colour screen and internet access.

The PPS will operate anywhere in the world where there is a telecommunications infrastructure. All of the systems and GSM personal devices are SIM free so you can use your preferred mobile (cell) phone provider. Localised telecommunications infrastructure such as WiFi, Two-way radio, DECT, etc. can also be used to activate alarms.