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Lata Lata restaurant implements thermal imaging solution

Written by ANT Telecom | Mar 8, 2021 11:15:24 AM

Based in High Wycombe, Lata Lata opened in 2018, with the express purpose of combining the best produce The Chilterns have to offer, together in one neighbourhood restaurant.


Like many businesses especially in the hospitality sector, Lata Lata suffered from the impact of Covid-19, with lockdown preventing restaurants from opening as usual. However, determined to stay open they concentrated all efforts on their takeaway service, with support from the likes of Wycombe Wanderers, which helped keep the restaurant running during this critical time.

When the government initially gave the green light for restaurants to reopen, Lata Lata went through the process of meticulously planning re-opening and taking every step to ensure staff and customer safety.

Along with social distancing measures, seating, booking systems and hand sanitisers, Lata Lata has gone a step further than many by deploying a temperature monitoring terminal at the entrance of their premises. Staff and all customers are using this device to check their temperature before entering.

The temperature monitoring terminal deployed by ANT Telecom is very accurate, reliable and contactless. The solution is also discreet to ensure minimal disruption to the restaurant’s service and atmosphere – meeting, or even exceeding, guidelines for Covid-secure premises. As guests arrive their temperature is automatically checked and confirmed by the camera and terminal. Customers are also advised to sanitise their hands, keep to social distancing measures and use card payment only.

Customers so far have embraced the technology and are pleased with the additional assurance this provides, with customers commenting on how the restaurant felt safe with Covid precautions that were easy to follow.

Ross Hunt, Co-Owner, Lata Lata, comments: “We found working with ANT Telecom really easy. They understood what we were after from the very beginning and made the perfect solution for us. An unobtrusive instrument that adds an extra layer of security making our customers feel safe and ready to come back.”

Klaus Allion, MD, ANT Telecom, adds: “It’s been great to work with Lata Lata to implement a solution to get the restaurant up and running with a Covid-secure environment. Although the measures put in place to keep everyone safe may seem like dining out has fundamentally changed, the temperature monitoring solution is designed to cause as little impact on the experience as possible. And with the knowledge that risk-reducing initiatives are in place, customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind that they are within a safe environment.”

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