Guides and Whitepapers

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Guide to Telecommunication Solution for Offices. 
Managing both customer and internal enquires has become far more challenging in recent years, as workforces have become more mobile with more ways to get in touch and share information. This handy guide helps to explain what to look out for when investigating new telecom solutions. 

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Guide to School Safety. 
Learn about which devices are right for your school in the UK to ensure everyone is safe at all times, and how to distribute alarm messages in case of an emergency in order to reduce your response time.

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Health & Safety Checklist for Schools. 
Are you aware of all the risks that your staff and students are exposed to when coming to school every day? Have you got them covered?

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Guide to Lone Worker Safety. 
Want to find the right way to protect your employees who work alone? You will find all the information you need inside this guide!

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How to Handle Employees Resistant to Safety Training. 
Have you experienced employees that try to resist undergoing worker safety training? Learn how to avoid uncomfortable situations by dealing with it in the best way possible.

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A Framework for Deploying Unified Communications.
The system can work out whether they are on the telephone, mobile phone, SMS, IM or a number of other systems, then send a message to them. One number is all you need. And one company has the answer: ANT Telecom.

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Productivity Success Measures
How to gain competitive advantage using the latest conferencing and collaboration technologies.

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Find people and assets immediately.
In connection with the Ekahau Positioning Engine, Ekahau Vision is a Web application that helps you immediately locate people and assets from virtually any computer on your network.

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SafetyCall Lone worker protection
The SafetyCall lone worker protection system is a successful product which compliments ANT Telecom’s worker protection portfolio.

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On-site and off-site lone worker alarms
Accidents can happen at work that are almost impossible to legislate for. Though when accidents happen to staff working alone the consequences to that person can be fatal.

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ATEX approved solutions

For over 20 years ANT Telecom designed and implemented onsite telecommunication solutions across numerous market segments. Within this time, ANT have supplied many customers who work in potentially explosive environments especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

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Integrated DECT
To describe DECT simply as wireless telephony doesn’t do the tremendous developments within and around that technology any justice. For many companies across all segments DECT has become a necessity and an important part in their communication strategy in order to reach business goals

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Lone worker alarms
Compared with earlier centuries, today’s working environment is much safer, due to improved working conditions, as well as better equipment and machinery. However, the new threat is the constant pressure on employers to ensure that their businesses perform. This pressure can result in companies sidelining safety priorities or even dropping standards.

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