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Automated Wireless Energy Monitoring

By keeping an eye on your equipment and appliance energy usage, you can reduce consumption, keep your equipment in good condition, and save money.

Our innovative Automated Monitoring Solution uses wireless energy sensors to automatically track usage and calculate costs. It provides you with valuable insights into your energy expenses and helps you identify areas where you can save money. You can even set up alerts to inform you about about equipment that uses too much power and may require maintenance. 

Wireless Energy Sensors

For those seeking energy sensors that meet specific requirements, we offer a variety of options. Our wireless LoRaWAN sensors possess the benefits of being long range, low powered, and cable-free, making for a hassle-free installation process. Additionally, they are capable of measuring energy across a wide array of equipment and appliances.


Our sensors are designed to conserve battery power and eliminate the need for constant monitoring by removing the display. Our registered users can stay informed about their energy usage by accessing the secure online portal through any web browser, 24/7. This provides a more efficient and convenient way to track energy usage.


A customisable dashboard that puts what's important to you at your fingertips all within a secure environment

By accessing the application through any web browser, you can easily monitor the energy of all your assets centrally and in real time. A chart displaying historic information will show you how much energy has been consumed throughout the day, week, and month. By keeping an eye on this data, you can identify anything unexpected or out of the ordinary that could affect product quality or safety.

This method of monitoring your assets can also help you predict when they may fail, allowing you to schedule maintenance repairs in advance at a more convenient time.

Real time Alerts and reminders

You decide whether to receive notifications by text, phone call, or email, with alerts triggered only when there is a problem and values fall outside of a pre-defined range.

Alarm Escalation

Configurable acknowledgement and sharing of alarms for multiple recipients.

Quality, Integrity, Reputation

Rely on ANT Telecom for 24/7/365 remote monitoring and real time alerts and reminders.

Reports and charts

By using our on-line reporting and charting tools, you can gain valuable insights into how your assets are performing in real-time. This information allows you to optimize set points and identify maintenance issues, leading to reduced operating costs and energy bills. For instance, a malfunctioning refrigerator or freezer may consume twice as much electricity as a properly maintained one.

Our auto-generated, error-free, and legally compliant reports save you time and money, while our intuitive menus make it easy to document any issues that arise.

Other Sensors include:


Temperature -200°C to +300°C




High concentration CO2




Door open / close




Leak detection


Power supply


Energy consumption