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CO2 Automated Monitoring for better Air Quality

Monitoring CO2 is a easy way to evaluate air quality, and our automated monitoring solution can assist you by providing up-to-date CO2 levels right at your fingertips.

Indoor CO2 levels fluctuate according to the number of people present and the intake of fresh outdoor air.

Our wireless monitoring solution will promptly alert you when areas are poorly ventilated.  Moreover, the data collected will provide valuable insight and help in implementing the necessary measures to improve air quality.

Co2 device

Wireless CO2 Sensors

Our CO2 sensors are quick and easy to deploy and don't require network, WiFi connectivity nor GSM coverage.

The wireless, long range, low powered LoraWAN sensors are convenient to install and large sites can be covered with a small number of gateways.   

Unlike other monitoring devices, these sensors don't require a display. Displays consume excessive battery power and necessitate constant monitoring, which is both time-consuming and inefficient. Instead, CO2 readings, are constantly taken 24/7 and conveniently displayed on our secure online portal. Registered users have instant access to these readings right at their fingertips, through any web browser.

Monitoring as a Service

A customisable dashboard that puts what's important to you at your fingertips all within a secure environment

Accessible via any web browser, the application is really easy to use and helps you monitor the CO2 levels in all areas centrally and in real time. Historic information is displayed in a chart showing how CO2 levels vary throughout the day, week and month.

The data collected can aid you in fine-tuning and enhancing any improvement measures to discover the ideal balance between air quality and comfort in each of the areas you are monitoring.

Real Time Alerts and Reminders

You decide whether to receive notifications by text, phone call, or email, with alerts triggered only when there is a problem and values fall outside of a pre-defined range.

Alarm Escalation

Configurable acknowledgement and sharing of alarms for multiple recipients.

Quality, Integrity, Reputation

Rely on ANT Telecom for 24/7/365 remote monitoring and real time alerts and reminders.

Reports and Charts

Generate on-line reports and charts for up-to-the minute intelligence on air quality. 

Auto-generated, error-free, legally compliant reports save time and money and document issues using intuitive menus.

ANT Telecom provides a range of sensors for monitoring a wide range of appliances, equipment and environments. 

Our innovative wireless monitoring solutions using IOT/IIOT help customers to monitor processes, environmental conditions and other key parameters to ideally prevent issues before they arise.  We can consult you on and adapt the right solution for your own circumstances

Other Sensors include:


Temperature -200°C to +1000°C




High Concentration CO2




Door open / close




Leak Detection