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CO2 Automated Monitoring for better Air Quality

It is widely acknowledged that well ventilated areas are crucial to prevent Covid-19 spreading indoors. However, it is very difficult to assess what is good or poor and in colder months simply keeping the windows fully open can make the environment unpleasant for those using it and increase heating and electricity bills.

Our CO2 sensors and air monitoring solution can help you determine the right level of ventilation necessary to keep areas safe and comfortable for staff, customers or patients

Co2 device

Easy, quick and with no technical-requirements

Our solution is easy and quick to deploy and won’t require network, WiFi connectivity nor GSM coverage.

Once installed the wireless sensors will constantly record the CO2 levels, (temperature and humidity if you require) within your facility and populate the information on a dashboard in a secure online portal that can be easily accessed by registered users from any web browser.

Controlled and monitored centrally

The solution can be provided as a cost-effective service to provide you with crucial data and reports so you understand the level of ventilation needed, or it can be permanently deployed for continuous monitoring.

Alerting you when you need to take action

Thresholds can be configured to alarm when certain conditions have been met, for example, high levels of CO2 for the room. This can help you alter the conditions appropriately by opening windows or turning up the air conditioning units to quickly improve air quality.

We have put together a few different pricing packages to help you understand whether you have the right conditions within your facility. To know more get in touch with us on 01494 833100 or for further information about our CO2 Automated Monitoring Solution fill in the form below.

ANT Telecom provides a range of sensors for monitoring a wide range of appliances, equipment and environments. 

Our innovative wireless monitoring solutions using IOT/IIOT help customers to monitor processes, environmental conditions and other key parameters to ideally prevent issues before they arise.  We can consult you on and adapt the right solution for your own circumstances