i62 VoWiFi Phone

Voice over WiFi (or Voice over wireless LAN) is the use of a wireless network according to IEEE 802.11 for purposes of vocal conversation.

Companies with an existing WiFi network can potentially use it for voice traffic as well as standard data traffic and in doing so avoid the costs of implementing and running independent wireless voice and data networks.

IP handsets like the i62 mentioned below can connect to the WiFi network so users can make and receive calls via the existing telephone system. With the right licence, the i62 is capable of triggering lone worker alarms via a panic button and tilt sensor and can send/receive messages.

It is important to note that not all WiFi networks can support voice calls and not all mobile IP handsets are the same. The i62 handset supports basic DECT functions such as roaming and handover, whereby it will automatically register from one access point to another as the user roams around a plant. Similarly, if the user is on a call whilst on the move, calls will handover from one access point to another.

ANT Telecom survey WiFi networks to assess their capability to process voice traffic, so when companies invest in mobile IP handsets they are confident the solution will work.

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