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Private Mobile Networks

Give your team the ability to make calls and go on the Internet on their mobile devices via a Private Mobile Network (PMN).

For businesses that cannot rely on public mobile network providers 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, implementing PMN is a cost-effective solution. It can be deployed into areas of high mobile usage with poor or no GSM network coverage, such as warehouses or in-building areas with signal disruption.

Staff working alone can be protected by integrating a PMN with our critical alarm management solution and broad range of lone worker devices and apps.

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Integrated Solution

Enable your mobile teams to collaborate and go online across your site with an integrated solution.

Mobile & Smartphones

Any standard mobile phone or smartphone can be used.  Staff can even roam from the public to their private mobile network, which means workers can utilise the same phone for on and off site communications.

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Picocell Technology

Site wide coverage is achieved by installing 2G or 4G picocells throughout the plant.  Each picocell connects directly to the local area network. 

Critical Alarm Management

To ensure teams respond to on-site emergencies, alarms from various sources such as lone workers and critical machinery can be received and processed in a matter of seconds and delivered to the people that need to know, directly on their DECT phone.  Find out more about critical alarm management.

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