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Products and Solutions

Mobile workforces encounter a number of daily challenges including; connectivity, communication, collaboration, emergency response and safety.  When these issues remain unresolved it can have a massive impact on a teams’ ability to operate effectively.

Overview of ANT Solutions

ANT provides a wide range of products and customisable solutions to help your teams talk, connect and collaborate when they need to, respond to critical events when they have to and remain safe even when working alone in hazardous environments. 

You can browse through our solutions for further information or let our specialist team help you to find the right solution for  your business. 

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Lone Working Solutions

Lone workers can be working unsupervised, out in the field or in isolation but they don’t have to be vulnerable when they do it.

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Mobility Solutions

Mobile workers need to move around but still need to be contactable whilst they’re working.

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Critical Alarm Management

Critical alarms from various sources can be received and processed automatically in a matter of seconds and alerts distributed directly to the people who need to know.

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ATEX Devices

Employees need to remain contactable and safe even in ATEX zones. Our range of ATEX  handsets means communication and lone worker protection is possible in these restricted areas.

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Every business needs phone lines and a communications solution.

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Asset Tracking

People and assets move around and asset tracking can locate them quickly, accurately and notify individuals.

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