Private Mobile Networks

A Private Mobile Network enables mobile phones to become part of the internal telephony infrastructure while in the vicinity of the workplace. This enabling technology allows an organisation to manage staff mobile phones on the corporate telecoms infrastructure and combine typical PBX functionality such as extension to extension dialling and the Private Mobile Radio feature PTT (Push To Talk). The solution also provides significant cost savings too by considerably reducing monthly call costs as all internal calls over the mobile network carry no charges. Furthermore, any external mobile calls are routed via the PSTN incurring a significantly lower tariff than the mobile network.

A private mobile network can be deployed into areas of high mobile usage or areas of poor or no macro GSM network coverage, such as warehouses, or in-building areas with high disruption. It can be used to deploy mobile communications into remote regions or isolated user communities where network integration and infrastructure costs would otherwise be prohibitive. The solution is also ideal where temporary business locations are used, such as in the construction and outdoor events industries. In areas where voice privacy is an issue, Private Mobile eXchange (PMX) allows organisations to implement localised islands of communication with the inherent security of GSM.

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