Lone Working Safety Solutions

ANT Telecom has provided lone worker solutions for blue chip companies for over 30 years. As a result we have developed a tremendous amount of know-how to overcome customers' lone working issues. As you would expect within this time we have chosen the very best lone worker safety solutions and devices from the leading manufacturers throughout the world.

We are always evolving and working with the latest technologies available to constantly improve our customer solutions.

Whether you have a few employees lone working or hundreds we have the technology and know how to design a solution to meet your requirements.

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Below is further information regarding the devices, systems and lone worker safety solutions that we have used to help resolve lone working or improve staff protection for our customers.

Please click through the links to find further information on the various products within our portfolio. Or alternatively, why not call us and give us an overview of your requirements so that we can recommend a solution right for you. We can work with you over the phone or face to face if you prefer and we can set up demonstrations and trials to guide you through how the solution would work for you and your organisation.

Smartphone apps and devices

Mobile lone worker devices that can be used anywhere in the UK, Europe and most of the World.

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ANT Telecom provides a comprehensive range of handsets. Features include communication, conferencing, lone worker and messaging.

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Voice over WiFi is still a relatively new solution, although our latest handset supports communication, conferencing, lone working and messaging.

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Radio is still one of the most effective ways for teams of people to communicate over an open channel(s). ANT Telecom have a comprehensive range of radios, some with lone worker functionality.

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Alarm management systems

Management software that processes lone worker alarms and alerts and delivers them to the people who need to know.

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Intrinsically safe (ATEX approved) devices

ANT Telecom has considerable experience coupled with a comprehensive range of intrinsically safe devices that have lone worker functionality.

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