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From Petrochemical to distilleries and Hospitals to education, our products and solutions cover many industries

"The effectiveness of immediate alerts and scalability quickly prompted our decision to roll out the solution, along with lone worker Protector devices, across 19 of our sites – enabling us to implement a more effective and robust lone worker process across the group. Our workforce is not strictly comprised of lone workers, therefore a challenge for us was educating staff, that when they are working on their own they need to be protected should an incident occur. With ANT’s help, we have built awareness of lone worker safety across the company – something that has helped the business immensely to improve employee morale".

Nigel Elias, Smurfit Kappa

"Together with the health and safety team we identified the issues we had and we wanted to provide better protection for all of our employees. Prior to the consultancy provided by ANT, we felt unable to identify and agree on a suitable solution.  Importantly, ANT came onto our Holzminden plant and carried out a thorough investigation and took time to speak with our employees and management to get a full understanding of our lone worker challenges. By doing this, they were also able to detect other areas of improvement. Our employees, especially lone workers, are now far better protected, but also the resolution of any machine issues has been greatly improved, leading to higher productivity.

Employees have adapted well to the new lone worker solution. Our partnership with ANT was truly that; it was a fully collaborative process which engaged everyone within the organisation. We believe that this has been key to the project’s success".

Reiner Zinnecker, O-I

"Throughout the implementation process, we have received a high level of support from ANT Telecom, right through from the sales team, to them conducting site surveys and the Managing Director visiting the site to ascertain its size and what our best solution would be. To provide this level of service showed me the importance they place on their customers. The agreed timescales of installation and the commissioning of the system were also met. Furthermore, we have a local field engineer, which is key for us, as even though we know ANT Telecom can dial in remotely to check the system, having an engineer locally is extremely beneficial, when again we are so remote and so far north of Scotland".

Sandy McIntyre, Tamdhu Distillery

"When we spoke to other communications providers we found their terms dictated to us, having to work around their dates and times, whereas ANT made the whole approach feel collaborative and there was an immediate confidence and trust there for us in knowing that they could deliver on their promises in terms of timescales and functionality, which they did".

Colin Jenkins, Seven Seas

"The ANT account team is always looking for new ways to improve performance and extend coverage across our sites – and will frequently share information on innovations coming through that may be able to help us do that. It’s a great combination; ANT’s service engineers demonstrate extremely high knowledge and competency levels to ensure that the solutions integrate seamlessly with our business requirements, and at a more strategic level, the consultancy we receive ensures that our technologies are aligned for growth. They’re a real asset to the business".

Mark Purcell, Severn Trent Water

"Rather than treat telephony as a commodity, ANT Telecom very much adopts a solutions-based, consultative approach,” says Steve. He concludes, “They worked hard to understand our business needs and to design a solution that they believed would meet them. The procurement of this system followed a sustained engagement exercise during which we discussed our current challenges and future objectives, as well as ANT management spending time on-site to observe operational trends and advise on solutions. We have a very good relationship with them. It’s very much a partnership. Rather than selling you a solution out of a box, ANT Telecom assesses how your business functions and designs a system that help support it. They always offer good advice".

Steve Hodges, Telehouse

"Our new system not only improves safety but also provides better communication and greater efficiency by delivering a two channel radio system, with a dedicated communication channel for our crane operation; restricting background noise levels,” continues James. “Employees have been extremely impressed by the system, particularly how informative its display system is and that those working in the office are able to easily contact and locate staff on the production line. There are a number of reasons why we chose ANT Telecom’s solution over previous providers and other solutions on the market but, primarily, as well as having a competitive offering, their team were incredibly knowledgeable and were able to design a solution that helped us overcome our challenges, which they detailed in a clear and an informative proposal. This enabled me to easily show management the benefits and return on investment. Both ANT Telecom’s solution and its approach to our specific needs proved that they were by far the best option for us".

James Forrester, Synthomer

"Not only are the radios saving staff valuable time and increasing productivity, as a result of a reduction in any downtime, the system could save a significant amount of money. Whereas previously, it could take us days to get fully back up and running and we’d have to use more chemicals, more electricity and more manpower in order to recover from the backlog, now any incident is identified almost instantaneously and can be investigated and rectified as rapidly as possible. Since implementation, we have had two incidents where the ANT solution has enabled us to rapidly intervene, which means that it has effectively already paid for itself".

Callum Fraser, Glenfarclas

"Our work with ANT Telecom has been a highly successful endeavour. At the time we started working with them, it was the first time we’d actually put a new open channel system into our Folkestone site for quite a while.  ANT’s ability to provide us with a bespoke solution has become a valuable part of our long-term plans to move all of our communications from analogue to digital.

The feedback from our employees using the digital radios has been extremely positive. The digital radios are proving to be easier to use and are more robust. Furthermore, the life span of the batteries is greatly improved and staff are feeling confident when using them, which is important".

Richard Howkins, Eurotunnel