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ANT Telecom can provide various support levels to suit our customer's requirements. We can provide 24 hours, 7 days a week maintenance contracts with various service levels.

All our engineers are highly trained and have many years experience in dealing with our solutions.

Our online service centre is equipped with the latest software tools and equipment to remotely diagnose and in most cases rectify reported issues or requirements.

Our Integral 55 Communication Server incorporates Automatic Information Call (AIC). The Integral 55 automatically sends a notification to the online service centre once its self-monitoring software detects irregularities.

The advantage to our customers is that we can diagnose and rectify issues without delay, sometimes even without customer realising that there was a problem.

Our online service centre also executes regular backups of the system configuration as part of the maintenance contract.

Maintenance customers can also register programming requests or faults online. The application is easy to use and is fast and effective means to register requests as company / contract details are stored already. For further information regarding this service please go to "useful information" under "service".

ANT Telecom is ISO 9001/2000 approved and has a wealth of experience in maintaining mission critical equipment thus ensuring a high standard of professional service.

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