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Get 1 month Free Superfast Broadband!


The Federation of Small Businesses found that 40% of SMBs are still using ADSL broadband, suffering from lower speeds and unreliable services over copper lines, instead of upgrading to the faster fibre alternatives. This could be down to a lack of understanding or perhaps just cost, with usually ADSL being the cheaper option, even though it isn’t always best suited to the needs of the business.

If your business is suffering from slow broadband speeds, get in touch with ANT Telecom.  We can quickly advise you on the various broadband options (speeds and costs) in your area across different providers and we're offering ONE MONTH FREE, when you sign up a to a 24 month term. Get in touch today!

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Call us on 01494 833 100 or fill out the form below for a discussion about your new Superfast Broadband.