ANT Telecom partners with VoIPSec to provide cost-effective cloud-based SIP Trunk security

Automated communications specialist, ANT Telecom, has added VoipSec’s cloud-based voice security solution, EasySBC, to its SIP trunk offering, allowing customers to deploy secure SIP without the need for significant upfront costs for security hardware. The company also becomes VoipSec’s first reseller of EasySBC in the UK.

With VoipSec, provider of cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) security solutions, ANT Telecom is able to provide a total solution that packages EasySBC within its SIP trunk deployments. EasySBC is designed as an essential layer of voice security to protect businesses against attacks including call-jacking, telephony denial-of-service and toll fraud.

Prior to its partnership with VoipSec, ANT Telecom faced the challenge of selling SBC hardware with a significant upfront cost that often negated the ROI of SIP trunking. “With reports that ISDN is going to be phased out by 2025, over the next decade, there’s going to be a mass migration towards SIP,” Paul Smith, Managing Director, ANT Telecom comments. “Whilst we have been determined to offer a full SIP trunk package including security, the additional hardware costs proved difficult for many organisations, particularly small and medium sized companies that didn’t have the budget. As VoipSec is a software only service, we’re able to simply add on the security in line with our existing commercial model, giving us a unique advantage and differentiator in the market.”

Smith continues: “We’re really impressed with VoipSec’s virtual SBC. It’s a good fit for today’s technology and also appeals to the IT decision makers because it is cloud-based, under their remit and eliminates worry about additional hardware on the network and power supplies failing. In addition, VoipSec has developed the product to make the whole process and product simple to deploy and use whilst keeping costs at a minimum and importantly without sacrificing quality.”

Paul German, CEO, VoipSec comments: “ANT Telecom faced the same issue that all SIP trunk resellers have, which is to either move forward and sell non-secure SIP trunks or continue to implement hardware-based SBC which impacted on the take up of SIP. Our solution is created to fit easily into a reseller’s existing proposition and ultimately support their sales and business growth by ensuring customers experience the cost benefits of SIP without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.”

ANT Telecom has tested the VoipSec solution on its in-house system and customer site and the total SIP solution is now available through a monthly rental model.

About VoipSec

VoipSec was founded with the mission to simplify the complicated and costly area of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) security. VoIP is a key tool for businesses in today’s environment, yet due to the cost of traditional VoIP security, many organisations are leaving their networks open to risks such as Voicemail Hacking, Toll Fraud and Telephony Denial of Service (DoS).

VoipSec’s products have been designed to run in virtualised environments, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive hardware and rapidly decreasing the time it takes to deploy security solutions for an organisation’s voice calls.

VoipSec's EasySBC is the first module in the VoipSec Security Platform, which provides features such as remote working facilities, quality monitoring tools, as well as advanced security capabilities. Using VoipSec’s EasySBC, businesses can take the first step to ensure the security of their communications infrastructure whilst being able to leverage the benefits of VoIP for voice, unified communications, and customer experience. EasySBC can be downloaded and deployed on a virtual server rapidly with a relatively low set up charge.

The company is based in Milton Keynes and was founded by Paul German, an expert in bringing new technologies to market along with small and medium sized businesses.

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