ANT Telecom adds contact centre solution to
its portfolio to facilitate better customer interaction across businesses of all sizes

ANT Telecom announces its latest product offering ' Avaya's IPOCC contact centre solution. This multi-channel customer experience solution, offering voice, fax, email routing, instant messaging and web chat functionality, is designed to meet the demands of all sized businesses to facilitate better customer interaction and enhance the customer's overall experience.

Avaya's IPOCC contact centre solution from ANT provides call distribution functionality across all the communication channels. This means emails, faxes, SMS can be distributed to staff evenly (just like voice calls) so they can be responded to quickly and efficiently. ANT Telecom design the solution based on customers' requirements to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

Klaus Allion, joint managing director, ANT Telecom, says, 'Today's consumers want to engage with businesses through channels other than the telephone. As a result, proactive companies are increasingly developing multi-channel contact centres to establish a single, centralised contact point that integrates all channels. IPOCC offers organisations the ability to do this, to connect the customer to the right representative at the right time, using the right channel. With customer experience being a cross-sector priority, the multi-channel contact centre is one solution that fits all sizes ' big and small.'

The solution has the additional benefit 'usually associated with a large call centre solution ' of being able to provide skill-based call routing, ensuring that customers can reach the the most qualified agent first time round , enhancing the customer experience.


Allion comments, 'Businesses don't need to have a call centre to deliver a superlative customer experience; all they need is customers and an effective route for them to communicate with the business. IPOCC provides that route via a variety of channels.'

The IPOCC solution boasts further functionality in enabling businesses to provide excellent customer service with real-time status functionality. This allows all users to be able to identify who is calling in so that they can provide a personalised service.

Allion concludes, 'As a systems integrator we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and the solution that is the best fit for their business and customer needs. The IPOCC contact centre solution ensures that all businesses, no matter the size, can offer their customers a multi-channel experience at a more affordable cost.

'We work hard to ensure that our engineers are knowledgeable and trained to use the products we offer. We are therefore currently utilising the IPOCC solution internally and have tailored it for use by our own service team. We are a fairly mobile organisations with staff working all round the county and at home too. The solution has so far been excellent with our service team being capable of logging into groups even at home. We have also integrated our internal service application, that logs customer enquires, with IPOCC too. This helps us two fold, firstly is tells us who is calling in and also it provides an overview of the caller's current tickets so we know straight away what the call is about.