FC4 Medical for hospital and clinical environments

Handset Highlights:  

  • Antimicrobial casing surface – effectively prevents germ growth
  • Can be cleaned with a wide range of disinfectants without causing any degradation
  • Robust casing components protect against damage when dropped
  • Jet-proof and dust-proof in accordance with Protection Class IP65
  • Modern design – with colour display and backlit keys
  • Hotkeys for local directory with 500 entries and mute facility
  • Call and connection list with date and time as well as redial call list, with a maximum of twenty entries in each case
  • 20 MIDI-ring tones and 10 signal tones volume up to 100 dB(A)
  • Loudspeaker for hands-free conversation
  • Dedicated signals for internal and external calls and messages (ringtones, volume, duration, vibration)
  • Interchangeable Li-ion batteries – offering modern battery management and extended stand-by times
  • MemCard (SIM-Card) memory for all settings, directory, calls and message lists – enabling easy handset interchange without data loss

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DECT FC4 Medical

FC4 Medical