ANT Telecom provides a range of radio handsets and applications from various manufacturers to support a broad mix of customer requirements. We design solutions using digital, analogue or trunked radios in order to fulfil customers’ requirements – from a simple back-to-back solution to complex designs that must integrate into an existing communication infrastructure. We have over 30 years of experience that can be drawn upon to add value to any given solution.

Digital, analogue or trunked radio
Choose from a wide range of radios including ATEX solutions. You can find further information regarding all our radios by following the links provided. Alternatively, if you require some help or would like ANT Telecom to design a solution for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lone worker radios
Do you have any staff that work alone? If so, why not choose a radio with lone worker or staff protection functionality that can trigger an alarm and alert other colleagues if the user is rendered unconscious. And if you work on a large site, the person's location can be detailed in the alarm message too, making it easier to find them.

In some situations it is easier to send a message than speak, especially when distributing tasks to colleagues. Messages can be sent to individual radios or groups. ANT Telecom can also integrate radios with building and process management systems so specific alarms messages can be forwarded to a radio user or group who would be responsible for responding to the alarm alert.