Ekahau's Real Time Location Software (RTLS) offers an attractive and realistic solution that would reduce the cost burden of surplus equipment whilst making the management of assets easier and far more efficient.

Together with Ekahau ANT Telecom helped organisations to:

  • Protect investment of owned, leased or rented equipment.
  • Reduce running costs and increase operational efficiencies.
  • Enhance management services and improve the delivery of customer service.
  • Utilise existing WLAN infrastructure for an integrated RTLS.
  • Centrally manage, monitor and control asset movement and activities, with 'real-time' visual data access.
  • Automatically escalate predefined security parameters through email, SMS or equivalent messaging systems.

Ekahau Positioning Engine 4.2 (EPE) is the market leading software based real-time location system (RTLS). Besides outperforming competing hardware and software based systems, EPE is truly open and future proof location platform that leverages any existing Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau's patented positioning algorithm and technology are based on signal strength calibration, which ensures the highest possible granularity. EPE is capable of pinpointing Ekahau Wi-Fi Tags, VoWLAN handsets, laptops, PDA's, barcode scanners, passive RFID scanners and other Wi-Fi enabled devices, with floor-, room - and door-level accuracy.

ANT Telecom - Asset Tracking Application

Ekahau RTLS applications offer users clear visibility into their operations, turning location of assets across the enterprise into valuable information. For businesses with an eye on the bottom line and a goal of improving efficiency, these applications deliver the data required to streamline business processes and optimize asset utilisation.

Key features include:

  • Customisable user desktop view
  • Ability to find the location of any tracked item, using its specified name, current location, equipment type or category
  • Customisable real-time event rules, web-based event notifications and acknowledgements
  • Integrated tag and Asset Tracking
  • Display location as a tabular view or real time map of the facility; and Bi-directional interaction with Ekahau Wi-Fi tags, activate LED or buzzer alerts.

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